Folded in the Pages : Prologue

Folded in the Pages : Prologue

Welcome to Folded In The Pages

My name is Jimi W. I’m a singer-songwriter, producer and guitarist living in New York. I've fronted my own band for fifteen years; I've worked weddings and events for seven. I've toured in old, broken vans across the country many times, and I've played for thousands of people along the way. I've also been writing, producing, recording and releasing albums for myself and other artists for the last decade.  

I've spent those years creating all the music, videos, promotional content, and marketing strategies on my own, with only my bandmates to help. I've done all of it independently, with little to no budget.

In short...I've played the game.

"The Artist" circa 2017

Lately I’ve been thinking about all the others out there with a story similar to mine. The ones in the same boat, so to speak. The ones who used to fall asleep to Elton John on a walkman or K-Rock Top 10 at 10 on the radio back in the early 2000’s. The ones who, by some combination of circumstances, fell in love with music, started writing songs...and then stuck with it for 20 years.

The ones locked in pursuit of 'the moment' that would secure their dream.

The ones whose entire adolescence and early adulthood were spent practicing and performing; grinding and content creating; obsessing over anything that could potentially lead to what we used to call “making it” back when we were kids.

The ones with no budget, squeezing the blood from the stone. The wedding singers and the dive bar troubadours. The ones who were so seduced by the fires of music and art that it burned them down.

The ones who have to rebuild now.

The ones who are getting older.

I think about the ones further down the line ahead of me, too. They would rightly laugh at the pretense of me feeling old and weathered at the young age of 33. They look like dusty Sam Elliots inside my head, saying things like,

“kid…you ain’t seen nothing yet.”

And finally, I think about the ones who are just starting out. The ones just starting to fall in love with it. The invincible ones, with their invisible powers just starting to emerge. The ones who are finding themselves through that power.

It’s so epic and cool. I just got chills.

So I am talking now to all of you: the old ones, the new ones, the dead ones haunting my closet and the ones that are watching this a thousand, a million, a trillion, a gazillion, a fafillion years from now.

You guys...we are songwriters. We are creators. It’s what we do.

So This Is What I'm Offering You...

Every month I will release a new original song, and I'll use each song to discuss the art of songwriting from a different angle.

Topics will range from the eclectic to the practical; the emotional to the physical; the broad to the specific.

My goal in all of this is to share all the insight and wisdom I've learned over the last 20 years with you, my creative friend, so that we can all thrive artistically and peacefully.

I hope every episode leaves you with things to think about and lenses through which you can see your art differently – perhaps more clearly. I hope to offer philosophical frameworks to help you see the larger implication of the art you create, beyond the realm of worldly “success.”

I hope to show you that the things you see as failures are often your greatest teachers.

The scars you bear are the wondrous beginnings to so many new worlds you will create in your imaginations and give as gifts to the world. I know it sounds cheesy, but it’s really the truth.

From the bottom of my heart, I hope you’ll join me on this journey, where we'll add another layer of colorful digital stratum to the vast and ever-settling sediment of the world wide web.

Welcome to Folded in the Pages.

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